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Listen ,there are thousands upon thousands of people online every day lookingto start an online business. We have immediate access to over 400,000 eager,ready-to-spend business opportunity-seekers looking forexcellent products and services - the ones you're about tosell.

If they are looking, shouldn'tthey find youinstead of someone else?

Allexperienced online marketers know the best way to advertise is a soload.A solo ad is an advertisement sent directly to the emailbox of peoplelooking for information. Solo ads are great because your message is the onlymessage they will see.


Sponsorads, classified ads and even some ezine/newsletter ads have their placein online marketing, but here's the problem - your ad has to competefor the attention of the readers with other ads.  A solo ad solvesthis problem because your ad is the onlyone they will see. 


Major Feature #1

"Wewill make effort to submit your ad within 24 hours!"


But now we have another problem.Because online business owners know that solo ads are the best methodof advertising - ezine owners and traffic sites sell solo ads atastronomical prices. 

Forexample, one of my fellow online marketers has an ezine andapproximately 150,000 subscribers. He sells his top position ad for $675.Yes,I said $675! And this ad has to compete with 2other ads for the reader's attention. Now imagine what it would cost tosend out a solo ad to those samesubscribers?!

This iswhy Discount Solo Ads sells our ads atrock-bottom prices. If you are new to online marketing you probablydon't have $675 to plop down on ONE ad, but you dohave $25. Heck - you may even have $50. And with Discount SoloAdsyou can reach alot of people with $50 - not once but many times!


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Justlook at this scenario:

Imagine if you had a product or service selling for $19.95 (which isbelow the typical prices). 

Now if you advertise to 10,000 people and get, let's say, a low 5%response. That ends up being about 500 people.

Now let's say only 10% of these (50 people) actually buy your productorservice. Here's how that computes:

50 people x $19.95=$997.50

Now imagine if your product or service sold for $39.95 (thisistypical). Here's how that computes: 

50people x $39.95 = $1,975.00

Now imagine again if the response was higher than 10%! You get thepicture! Wouldn't that be a nice payday?!

Now you know why people and companies advertisesomuch.
It's works!

So if you compare our prices to the potential money you could earn,youwill find our prices very reasonable.

Now we can't guarantee any specific response (no one can) but thepotential is there. You ever ask yourself,

"Whydoes McDonald's, the most well-know restaurant in all the world STILLadvertise after all of these years?" 

Here's the answer:
It works!!! 

Major Feature #2

"Each adwill be personally handled by our staff. You will receive aconfirmation email on the date your ad will be submitted!"


With our service you canreachas little as 6000 people or more than 400,000 hungry, ready-to-spend buyers with your product or service. Let measkyou a simple question :

"DoYouWant More Money?" (The answer is obvious.)

Then you should take advantage TODAYof the opportunity to reach thousands of people and save extremeamounts of money on our special, discount solo ads.


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  • Yourorder will be done usually within 24 hours.

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SingleAd and Guaranteed Click Deals 

SingleAd to 6,000 -$25.00
(may be sent with other soloads to 6,000)
 SingleAd to 10,000- $49.00
 SingleAd to 25,000- $69.00
 Single Ad to 60,000 -$79.00
Single Ad to 85,000 - $99.97

**PleaseNote - For our "Click" programs we do not accept links with exitre-directs!**

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10,000 People USAOnly -Only $99.97


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300 Clicks - (NormalPrice is $300)

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Ourguarantee is that you if you don't get all of your clicks, we'll keepadvertising until you do!


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